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With the Saxony, Elizabethan, Edwardian and Victorian standard styles; combination styles, lantern roof and large span options; every taste can be accommodated.

Beautify your home and enhance your living style with a BDS conservatory...


One way to promote a healthy lifestyle is to allow fresh invigorating air to fill your conservatory while the stagnant air is filtered out. We offer many features to accommodate proper ventilation.
Decorative Fans
The most stylish way of creating the air movement essential to primary ventilation. Fans are available in a choice of specifications, designs and finishes. Either with or without lights and with either pull chain operation or remote control. (Optional)
Ridgeflow Unit
The patented Ridgeflow self-regulating ventilation unit has the ability to produce four air changes every hour in a average 12' x12' conservatory without compromising security. Ridgeflow is mechanically assisted and thermostatically controlled, so it continues working even when you are away from your home. (Optional)
Manual Vent
Alternate manual controlled vents on the ridge allow for proper
ventilation while maintaining security. (Standard)
Eaves Trickle Vents
Our patented Trickle Ventilation system harnesses the natural upward movement of warm air to carry moisture to the apex of the roof and allow it to percolate outside. (Standard)
Roof Vents
Roof vents are customized and specially made to fit perfectly into the slope of your roof and match the design of your conservatory. Choose from a mechanical opening vent or an electrical mechanism. For the ultimate in luxury, we can add a thermostat and rain sensor for automatic, weather-sensitive opening and closing. (Optional)

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