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With the Saxony, Elizabethan, Edwardian and Victorian standard styles; combination styles, lantern roof and large span options; every taste can be accommodated.

Beautify your home and enhance your living style with a BDS conservatory...


All Blue Diamond Conservatories and Portals are constructed with the finest materials. Each component is designed so that you can enjoy your life without the worries associated with traditional structures. The construction features of our products are durable and secure to give you the peace of mind you desire. Each Conservatory is crafted in our facility in England that is now celebrating 40 years of service.

HeatGuard™ Poly-Carbonate Roof
For certain large span Portals and pool enclosures and for homeowners who prefer a softer light inside their Conservatory, the latest polycarbonates are a highly sophisticated product which provide a safe, cost effective option with superb insulation and light transmission properties.

Poly-Carbonate is one of strongest materials available and it is the same material that is used in bullet-proof glass.


Patented Glazing Bar System
The combined transom and Victorian glazing bar system gives greater resistance to torsional and compressive forces. Attachment at the ridge end is via the revolutionary coupler which allows up to 15 bars to be easily attached.

A series to thermally clad bars are available to suit varying spans and share a common range of snap-fit cappings.


Reinforced 90o Corner Post
Blue Diamond Conservatories™ incorporates corner post profiles along with the window frame stiffeners which provide lateral support for the roof.

This avoids over-stressing of the side frames and ensures structural rigity and durability.


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