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With the Saxony, Elizabethan, Edwardian and Victorian standard styles; combination styles, lantern roof and large span options; every taste can be accommodated.

Beautify your home and enhance your living style with a BDS conservatory...


With all of the technology and craftsmanship built into every conservatory, one factor critical for a truly energy efficient product, that also provides for a comfortable living environment, is the glass package. That is why Blue Diamond Conservatories™, in conjunction with other high technology glass component suppliers, has developed one of the most efficient insulated glazing systems for our conservatories and portals.

EnviroGlaze™ is the ultimate solution for year-round protection and cost savings. As much as we all love being outdoors the sun can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Damaging UV light can destroy fine furniture and art. Furthermore, a poorly insulated unit can cause invisible energy loss to you and your home.
EnviroGlaze™ Roof
Argon Gas Filled - 4mm Tempered/6mm Laminate
The perfect balance for all climatic environments specifically designed for horizontal and sloped surfaces which are exposed to the sun all hours of the day.
EnviroGlaze™ North - Frames
Krypton Gas Filled - 4mm Tempered/4mm Tempered For climates that have varying degrees of temperature and humidity, experience snowfall and rainfall at least a quarter of the year.

EnviroGlaze™ South - Frames
Argon Gas Filled - 4mm Tempered/4mm Tempered
For climates that have high heat indexes and experience high temperatures, humidity, and are exposed to intense UV light most of the year.

*EnviroGlaze™ data obtained using L.B.L. (Laurence Berkeley Laboratories)
Window 5.2 analysis program (nfrc/ashae)

Compare EnviroGlaze™ to other products and see the difference that this important attention to detail can make in your energy savings and living environment. Note especially the significant differences in the all important R& U Values that measure insulation comparative performance. EnviroGlaze™ excels in every criteria.

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