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We have included some questions and answers below to the most frequently asked questions that we receive regarding our conservatories and portals:

Q. Is it possible to use Conservatories throughout the whole year?
A. The Blue Diamond Systems™ Conservatories are one of the most efficient on the U.S. Market today. We offer technologically advanced glass packages designed to offer a comfortable year-round living space - in cold or hot temperatures..

Q. North America has harsher weather than Europe. How does the BDS Conservatory hold up in the North American climate?
A. Blue Diamond Systems has taken these climatic factors into account. The standard specification, suitable for the European market, has been greatly enhanced to deal superbly with the extremes of wind, rain, hail, heat, snow loads and intense UV common to North America. All BDS Conservatories are PE (Professional Engineer) design approved and feature best in class glazing systems to offer the best level of durability and comfort.

Q. What is the Conservatory made from?
A. The BDS Conservatory has four basic elements - frames, roof, glazing and portal(where necessary)
  •  Frames - these are made from very thick PVCu profile, reinforced with heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  •  Roof - the roofing components are fabricated from high performance extruded aluminum, and capped inside and out with PVCu profile.

  •  Glazing - the best in class EnviroGlaze™ insulated glass units. Superb insulation, visible light and solar control.

Q. Is the roof always glass, or are other materials available?
A. BDS offers a glass roof as the standard premium roof glazing system. However, as a more cost-effective solution, a market leading 1-1/8" (32mm) multi-chambered Polycarbonate (PC) system is also available. This PC glazing is available in clear, opal and opal/bronze tints.

Q. Is the Conservatory a kit, or custom design?
A. Some companies do offer kits, but the number of situations in which these can be used is limited, and to avoid later issues, installation should really only be handled by trained personnel. BDS custom designs each Conservatory to suit your individual situation and needs. Many style options are available, and our trained sales representatives are ready to allow your imagine become a reality. Once you approve the design, craftsmen at our plant in England manufacture your unique BDS Conservatory. Following completion, our trained technicians will ensure that the installation process is correctly handled, giving you a durable and weather tight Conservatory.

Q. What type of foundation and flooring system will I need?
A. Typically, there are three different types of foundation system:
  • Perimeter foundation (concrete or masonry) with concrete slab floor.

  • Perimeter foundation (concrete or masonry) with insulated lumber deck floor.

  • Pier footed deck (elevated deck) with insulated lumber deck floor.

Q. What is included in the price?
R. A Blue Diamond Systems Conservatory price includes the following items:

  • Conservatory design and drawings

  • PE stamped approval

  • Foundation plans

  • Conservatory structure - frames and roofing system

  • Portal support frame - where required

  • Glazing package - EnviroGlaze™ insulated glass units, or Polycarbonate multi-chamber panels

  • Installation of the structure to the prepared foundation and final weather sealing.

  • Warranties - 5 years on the Conservatory, 20 years on EnviroGlaze™ units

Q. What is not included in the price?
A. Items excluded from the standard price are:

  • Permits - BDS will provide all drawings and assistance necessary for permit application, but it remains the customer's responsibility to obtain and pay for any required local permits.

  • Foundations and knee wall - In order to offer the best value, BDS will recommend a contractor who is local to you home, and will be able to complete this work in a professional and cost efficient manner. Often, this will be the same company who has been trained to install the Conservatory. All foundation work is both quoted and billed directly by the appointed contractor.

  • Interior finishing, HVAC and electrical - This work will also be completed by your independent local contractor.

  • Finished flooring materials - carpeting, wood, tile, etc.
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